List of services

modefinance List of services

modefinance Srl provides the following types of services (for more information visit

  1. modefinance Corporate Credit Ratings: issuance and review of solicited and unsolicited credit ratings on non-financial companies and banks, in compliance with Regulation (EC) No. 1060/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council. These ratings may be alternatively available: i) free of charge for any rating's user (in case of "public ratings" typically issued under the "issuer pays" model) ii) for a fee, via specification subscription (in case of rating purchased via-subscription, typically issued under "subscriber pays" model). In any case, the rating process involves a scoring process according to MORE Methodology and the substantial intervention of modefinance rating team of analysts, as better described in the "Methodologies" section on this site. modefinance began issuing this type of assessments after registration with effectiveness from July 10th, 2015.

  2. Private Credit Ratings: issuance, with or without monitoring, of on-demand private ratings that are issued on a specific request by the customer, of solicited or unsolicited type. Private ratings differ from scores to the extent that the former imply the intervention of an analyst, who performs a deeper credit assessment, drafts some comments, and proposes an opinion on the company's creditworthiness following a predefined rating scale. The private rating is approved and issued by modefinance, but doesn't fall under the REgulation and therefore their use and dissemination are subject to particular limits.

  3. Credit Scoring: issuance of entirely automated, unsolicited credit assessments on a worldwide database of companies in the form of credit scores (according to a predefined scoring scale), probability of default estimates, credit limits. This type of credit assessments are available to clients in “ASKMORE basic” reports, in TIGRAN portals and via “s-peek”, a mobile application developed and published by modefinance. Since 2009 modefinance has produced over a hundred million of credit scores and credit score updates. Those evaluations are daily used by over a hundred multinational corporates and banks on a worldwide scale.

  4. Other financial analysis and research, such as sector analysis, sector comparison, country comparison, market search.

  5. Credit Risk Software, particularly for corporate clients that need to implement (or improve the performance of) their own internal credit risk management function. modefinance's main software product is TIGRAN, commercially defined also as RaaS (Ratinf-as-a-services). Development and implementation of credit risk software typically involves specific training and consultancy activities, whose topics however cover only the software itself. In any case, modefinance does not provide consultancy services to any rated entity or any related third party regarding the corporate or legal structure, assets, liabilities or activities of that rated entity or any related third party.