Transparency Report

modeFinance Transparency Report

modeFinance publishes annually a transparency report according to Art. 12 of Regulation (EC) No 1060/2009.

The report includes the following information:

  1. detailed information on legal structure and ownership of the credit rating agency;
  2. a description of the internal control mechanisms ensuring quality of its credit rating activities;
  3. statistics on the allocation of modeFinance staff to new credit ratings, credit rating reviews, methodology or model appraisal and senior management;
  4. a description of its record-keeping policy;
  5. the outcome of the annual internal review of its independent compliance function;
  6. a description of its management and rating analyst rotation policy;
  7. financial information on the revenue of the credit rating agency, including total turnover, divided into fees from credit rating and ancillary services with a comprehensive description of each, including the revenues generated from ancillary services provided to clients of credit rating services;
  8. a governance statement within the meaning of Article 46a(1) of Council Directive 78/660/EEC of 25 July 1978 on the annual accounts of certain types of companies.
The annual Transparency Reports are published here within three months after the end of each financial year.

2022 Annual Trasparency Report: PDF

2021 Annual Transparency Report: PDF

2020 Annual Transparency Report: PDF

2019 Annual Transparency Report: PDF

2018 Annual Transparency Report: PDF

2017 Annual Transparency Report: PDF

2016 Annual Transparency Report: PDF

2015 Annual Transparency Report: PDF